May 7, 2019


A secret spices to success was shared by a speaker during a graduation rites of my daughter.


She shared it as the  4G’s To Success


  1. The GROWTH

You all know Mulan’s story. She wanted to to defeat the Huns,

but she was a little girl who did not know how to fight.

She could not even carry a weapon! But she did not let that stop her.

She practiced until she got tired, she could not practice anymore.

The next day, she got up and practiced, she was beaten up but practiced,

left hanging on a pole bur practiced, got buried in snow but practiced,

before she know it, she was China’s hero.


The Next year’s of your life will determine your future.

Make the next years one of your growth. Embrace growth.

Find out what you are good at, find out what you like to do ,then grow.

Practice, practice and practice. If you keep practicing you can be anything you want.

Do not be afraid to fail because failure will make you strong and determined.


  1. Generosity

One must be generous, even overly generous, because if you give more, you will have more.

We are all familiar  with the saying- It is better to give than to receive,God loves a cheerful giver.

Because when you give, you release a powerful blessing and it embrace you.



We say it everyday-Thank You!, but we do not know how much power THANK YOU has.

When You appreciate people and events and the things in your life,

the whole universe jumps up and down and what it want to do is to give you more.

Say Thank you more often.


  1. God

God the power and the source of all things.He is the reason why we are all here,

He is the stronghold in the present and in our future.

He is the only one who guide us on what we want and successes in our lives.


Everyone has his own definition of success but what is important is you did all for a reason.

And enjoy your passion.!


Mam Miriam



About the Author

Dr. Miriam Jumalon

Dr. Miram Segudo-Jumalon is a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. Served the private educational System for more than 2 decades but opted to avail of an early retirement and decided to enter in the public school to know the real world of the educational system in Philippine Settings.
At the same time discover and venture the online business industry from being a full-time teacher to a Teacherpreneur in the Philippines. Her new journey of sharing new opportunities on E-Learning  as the best avenue to be Innovative and Creative teacher in today's world of technology.

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