October 25, 2017


At the end of the training we’re always asked what we have learned in the seminar or training that we have attended.

With so many training’s and seminars, conventions that I had attended, I would say that this is one of the best training that I have heard from a very brilliant speaker, who was able to empower and share his knowledge to the teachers of AP.

At first I really don’t know the reason why I was sent to this training where in fact I’m not teaching AP at all, I even don’t like AP because I felt it is a boring subject full of memorization.

But only to discover from this DR.Dave Salceda that teaching AP is great doing by a good teacher.

That the teacher has great responsibility

not only for the pupils

they are handling but for the society as well.

I now felt the real meaning of AP in ME  and in the lives of others.

  1. We have learned that there should have BALANCE in OUR lives as teachers, in everything that we do so that we could share to our pupils how they could also be a responsible citizen of our country.
  2. As an AP teachers we should be innovative and creative in instilling learnings to our pupils the reason why we need to read more books, attend conferences and seminars, meet up other professionals so that we can share and gain more ideas and knowledge from them.
  3. We can even watch discovery Channels and travel to other places so that we can learn the culture and traditions or the places and experiencing such is a learning to share.
  4. Most of as professional all teachers should also learn social etiquette and graces and act where it is needed.

Lastly, teachers should learn beyond classroom as to take advantage of the technology that we have now.

AP para sa BATA at para sa BAYAN.




Mam Miriam



About the Author

Dr. Miriam Jumalon

Dr. Miram Segudo-Jumalon is a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. Served the private educational System for more than 2 decades but opted to avail of an early retirement and decided to enter in the public school to know the real world of the educational system in Philippine Settings.
At the same time discover and venture the online business industry from being a full-time teacher to a Teacherpreneur in the Philippines. Her new journey of sharing new opportunities on E-Learning  as the best avenue to be Innovative and Creative teacher in today's world of technology.

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