July 30, 2020


As Leo Babauta shared his guide in dealing with the growing tiredness and boredom that each one feels by this time.

This pandemic is no longer an exciting (but scary) novelty. We’re a couple months into this lockdown and crisis, and it’s starting to wear on many of us.

We experience it as boredom, tiredness, exhaustion. We experience it as ongoing burden, and can’t wait for it to be over. We lose patience, and want to do anything else but this.

That all makes sense. It’s also exactly why we have difficulty sticking to habit changes, to long-term deep commitments, to ongoing projects and long-running challenges.

It’s one thing when things are new, novel, exciting, fresh. It’s a completely different thing when things are boring, dull, tiring, burdensome.

What would it be like to work with this difficulty inside ourselves, and shift it?

What would it change for us if we didn’t have to get tired of long-term challenges, or feel them as boring difficult burdens? What would it shift if we could develop the joy of patience?

Just a few possible benefits of shifting this:

  • We can endure long challenges, for months and even years.
  • We can shift habits long term, instead of dropping new habits after a couple of weeks.
  • We’ll have more patience for people who usually tire us out or get on our nerves.
  • We’ll be less drained by things that weigh on us or bother us over the long term.
  • We’ll have a greater capacity for endurance, fortitude and patience overall.

I’d say those are benefits worth working toward!

And the good news is, with the boredom and tiredness we’re feeling from the lockdown and pandemic, we have the perfect practice ground. This is the time to practice, right when we’re feeling like not facing this difficulty.


Anf if we create the experience, we can change it. We have the power to not be bored, impatient, burdened, annoyed, frustrated.

The shift comes from letting go of the thoughts we have about the situation, which are creating the difficult experience.


Relax, think the best for you..


Mam Miriam

About the Author

Dr. Miriam Jumalon

Dr. Miram Segudo-Jumalon is a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. Served the private educational System for more than 2 decades but opted to avail of an early retirement and decided to enter in the public school to know the real world of the educational system in Philippine Settings.
At the same time discover and venture the online business industry from being a full-time teacher to a Teacherpreneur in the Philippines. Her new journey of sharing new opportunities on E-Learning  as the best avenue to be Innovative and Creative teacher in today's world of technology.

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