LEARN HOW TO GENERATE  PASSIVE INCOME  Being a TEACHER Without Leaving Your Teaching Career And Earn Even You're Inside The CLASSROOM.

Let Me Ask You These...Dear Teachers

How long have you been in the four corners of your classroom?
Do you feel frustrated with your teaching JOB?...  feeling awfully exhausted at the end of the day?

The Long wait of a monthly Salary na BARYA NA LANG ANG NATITIRA sa envelop or ATM.

Maliit ang sahod,Dala lahat ang trabaho sa Bahay

Or you really love teaching but want explore more on the possibilities.

           If so...

“If you want to change the Fruit change first the roots, If you want to change the visible change first the invisible.” millionaires mind

Discover the best way to Earn Money Online , regardless of your current  situation...but…
 Read on for Less than 5 minutes.

First, I want to be CLEAR, this is not an eM-eL-eM, NOT a NETWORKING Business, I will not even recruit you!

I literally mean to teach you how to “CREATE YOUR OWN BUSINESS” the smartest way on you how to START your own PROFITABLE INTERNET BUSINESS!

This is not an easy get-rich-quick scheme. Yes, you need to work like in any other businesses

……but I’ll show you how to work smart.

Before I will reveal the hidden opportunity for teachers that I only discovered later in 2016

Know me FIRST:

My name is Miriam Segudo-Jumalon, I am  a teacher, fulltime mother, Internet marketer, Part time Blogger and author in my own right. 

I took up education for the only reason that I know, the only course with JOB security especially if you are in the public school right? From the start you graduate the course up to retirement you will be a teacher with your retirement benefit.

True enough, Right after Graduation landed in a teaching JOB in a private institution, that I lasted for 22 years.

But, I have PLAN B

Plan B doesn’t mean you would walk away on your pursuit goals and forget about everything. It just means you are getting prepared for the possible things that could happen.

When I decided to enter in a Public School, it’s because ika nga, if JOB SECURITY ang pag-uusapan mas secured sa public school according to them, you have a higher retirement pay for your old age. ( Am new)

But, I accidentally, discovered this Online Business Career of mine that makes me feel comfortable doing at home or during my vacant time while I am a full time Elementary Teacher.

Ang tagal ko na nag aral, pra makagraduate ng apat na taong kurso.

Nagtrabaho na ng matagal, wala pa ring ipon

Masipag naman ako.

Lahat nan g uri ng negosyo ay sinubukan.

Wala pa ring kita.

Nagnetworking nako, wala pa ring invite.

The TRUTH is I lost a lot of savings trying to have a Dream business.

In, short I  have to discover what should I do?

Nakapag retire na ako sa isang pribadong paaralan

May choice ba tlaga ako?

Guided by a Great Mentor, discovering myself, as a teacher.

Is it enough for me in the four corners of the classroom?

Ang naituturo ko ba ay sapat na para sa mga mag-aaral ko na

Makakapagbago ng pananaw nila sa buhay?

Ganun din ba ang mundo ang tatahakin nila tulad ng ginagawa ko?

With this COURSE that I can share that I go beyond classroom,

I learned a lot to share to the world

I  can  be a life changing educator,

Teaching …

More than the basic parts of speech in English,

More than the four fundamental operations in Math.

Thankfully, after all the struggles.

I am not a writer but was able to create my 5 e-books.

I have zero knowledge in internet  marketing, but  I  already have this internet business.

I am technically migrated, but have my own website.

My Discovery:

You can be a writer  without writing even a single sentence.

You can have an Internet  Business even without your own product.

But the best thing here is You can learn and discover a great possibility of having your own business without selling to your friends, families and your neighbor.

And have a lifestyle you want for you and your family without the fear of losing your Job,

At enjoy the passion that makes you feel better.

To start…

“ Online Education Business is the Most Profitable Business  Best for Teachers”

What are these Online Education Business? These are information or Digital Products.

Online education is electronically supported learning that relies on the Internet for teacher/student interaction and the distribution of class materials.

Examples of these are online courses/programs,

Coaching how to write E-book,

How to use software etc.


>  You already have the “Skills” to educate other people.

There are schools now that are using tablets, that serves as their textbooks.

      Teachers are in the field that deeply knows the needs of the people/ students/ pupils that they are serving.

  • Online Education Business  is a  less start- up business.
  •  hindi mo kailangan ng malaking puhunan, compare sa traditional business.
  • Since it is online, no physical facilities needed.
  • No monthly  rentals,  manpower, No electricity bills.
  • Low overhead expenses simply means higher profit and  It is easy to sell.

Sabi nga natin mga teachers, ang mga mag aaral natin  ngayon napakaikli na ng patience, yan po ay dahil “We’re in an “instant” generation.Gusto natin mabilisan lahat.

click click nalang, copy paste.

Pag nagugutom may Instant noodles, instant coffee. Marami na push button nalang

Message- instant message...We all hate to wait.

Kaya nga with online education, we are bringing classroom at the comfort of one's home, 

Kahit mga mag-aaral natin ngayon, tamad na magbasa ng physical book sa library, why? There is the internet.

So what if  isa ka sa nagbibigay ng information needed by our students/pupils.

So I decided!  we are teachers

× Dahil ayaw natin Makita ang sarili natin na naglalako ng sarili nating negosyo.

×Hindi rin ito yung magdadala ka ng mga iba’t ibang brochures sa KKK( kakilala,kaibigan, kamag- anak.)

×Lalo’t higit hindi ka magbibitbit ng malaking BAG na may iba’t ibang produkto.(mabigat”)

But I know this is not for all


There’s no such an overnight millionaire. Marami sa mga negosyante ang nagsimula sa maliit na kita, Ngunit may pagkakataon kang maging isang milyonaryo sa negosyong ito! Kailangan mo lang kumilos at sundin ang mga ituturo  sa’yo.

Sa negosyo, kung hindi ka kikilos kahit gaano pa ito kaganda, hindi ka kikita kahit “sinkong duling” ika nga.

 Be a Teacherpreneur!

 Being a Teacherpreneur that is Connected to giving Valuable Information to People

 You Can

Discover Your Hidden Skills and Talent

Discover the best i n you that you can share and help others the way you do.

Create Your Own Digital Product

Create a product that can solve the problem of the people youve love to help

Sell Your Product With 100% Profit 

People are willing to pay more if it is solution to a specific problem.  “How-To” information – it is the easiest and most profitable to sell.

Why I reveal this to you?

I decided to reveal this to educate teachers a SMARTEST and LOW RISK Approach to start Teacherpreneurship as their own business specially to those teachers who want to CROSSOVER the “LONDON BRIDGE”. Teachers who are skillful and talented but don’t know how it can be source for them for a brighter days.

  • I have been an ordinary teacher before. I know the feeling of getting up as early as 4 am that it feels like to hate  pulling  yourself up from  bed just to be able to go to school early.
  • I know the recorded words for your kids to wake them-up as early as you are for you not to receive memo of tardiness.
  • I know that we teachers dot not earn enough money to have a comfortable life. I know the feeling what it’s like to not have the money to pay for your rent,electricity and water. I know what it’s like to not have the money to go to school
  • I know what it feels likes to have several tutorials just to meet both ends.
  • I know what it feels for sick kids with no money to pay for the hospital bills. I know that many of you out there have had some of these experiences.
  • I know how it feels that upon receiving a payslip,barya nalang ang natitira.  

It is a simple reminder that money fuels life. Money can buy us many things; it can buy us cars, food, houses, clothes, education, pay your hospital bill and even vacation trips. It will make our living convenient.

Why am I telling you these? Because I have been through these experiences that you can also relate and I want to sincerely help you get the life you deserve.




How to start your dream business without leaving your teaching career.

or even if you have little or no capital.

Step-by Step guide how to create your own product.

It easier to make sales from your own online store website. (Your website can be online store for 24/7 unlike a physical store.)

Step-by step guide how to market your product

Increase the chance of having multiple Stream of Income

How to increase your chance in succeeding in business.

Discover the hidden secrets of successful entrepreneurs

Simple and easy market research.

How to develop friendly relationship with your website visitors

The Smartest way to make money online as a teacher.

Discover the hidden opportunity of making money online EVEN YOU ARE INSIDE THE CLASSROOM



ENGLISH                                                                                     MATHEMATICS

SCIENCE                                                                                      RELIGION

SOCIAL STUDIES                                                                   FILIPINO

COMPUTER                                                                              BUSINESS TEACHER EDUCATION

Your skills has a vast array of business opportunities in the internet business.

This will guide you how to make money from your experience, skills and knowledge. Turn it into business that will make you pass on to the “ LONDON BRIDGE”

How to value your hard earned money and use it to start your own BUSINESS.

How can an ordinary  teacher like you and I start and build extra ordinary business.

But Mam Miriam 

I’m new to this internet Business.

Don’t worry, we have the same reaction when I meet this.

I started ZERO Knowledge.

from the four corners of the classroom,

To going out of my comfort ZONE.

This PROGRAM is deeply designed made especially for you beginners .

I will discuss  clearly as I can  to give clear idea to start.

Most people who started this business using the same were also beginners like you, having no prior knowledge in this business but in just a few weeks, they make to earn money.

This is even perfect for teachers even with full time load and would like to have an Online Income Generating business.




    Learn the BASICS that every beginner Teacherpreneur must know from scratch.


  • Choosing a profitable Niche Market
  • Doing Simple market research
  • Tools in Building Website
  • Turn your website a profit maker.

Learn the Skill in BASIC Online Marketing and Selling

  • Make use of social media as your money machine
  • Start making money online as soon as you learn
  • Building friendly relationship with your visitors
  • Making your visitors be your  buyers for your product.

                      The basic Skill  requirement in this business is you know how to use your own computer or laptop, but I’m pretty sure you do as you are here now in-front of my website.

So, if you’re

  • Confused how to start a teacherpreneural business
  • Afraid to risk your time and money in your business idea
  • Not making enough money from your teaching job.
  • Full of school politics and unappreciative school heads
  • stuck into teaching in the four corners of the classroom for so many years.
  • Feeling helpless because you don’t have enough capital to start a business.
  • Can’t pass through the “LONDON BRIDGE”

This special  TEACHERS ONLINE EDUCATION BUSINESS is made for you as my way of helping teachers to make money online and give the opportunity to build your own online business right. There’s such an abundance of wealth out there that we, teachers, are just not yet able to utilize

           What Result Can You Expect From This COURSE ?

Ok, let’s say you have a grocery store  as your other source of income, you are only serving the people around your community which gives you limited income.

But, in this online business, you will be serving people from around the world without talking to them, because your business is www which means world wide web.

The step-by-step knowledge of marketing in this business will give you the chance of multitude sales.

You can expect that you can have your own online business that can have more sales.

A business that is Physically  EFFORT LESS.

What is YOUR advantage  in this MASTERCLASS?

Di kana pupunta sa mga colleges or universities para mag-aral

Wala kanang professor na magbibigay ng maraming research at reports .

Wala ng traffic at di kana mababasa ng ulan at lalong di na susugod sa baha.

Sa yo ang oras mo kung kailan mo gusto pag- aralan, at I- apply ang lessons mo to do business.




How much is this TRAINING COURSE?

This PROGRAM will not cost you as what you think, Let’s say you enrolled in a masteral course,

which will cost you 7,500- 25,000 per semester.

Writing thesis and Dissertation cost you more or less 100,000.00,But nobody reads and uses it. Right?

A sari-sari store cost you 50,000.00, Bakery Business starts 150,000.00

This will not even cost you a networking package cost 5,000.00- 18,000

In, as much as I wanted to help more teachers start their Income Generating Business and open their eyes to the opportunities to engage in this internet business.

An Introductory price  for only P 2,995.00 

Applying the techniques in TEACHERS ONLINE EDUCATION BUSINESS MASTERCLASS  as soon as you learn is worth more than P 2,995.00 which you can easily earn this back.

"The Root of Education is Bitter but the Fruit is Sweet" Anonymous

Let's take a small step to a BIG DREAM

Like this successful people  whom I am following and you can too.

Jon Orana of Negosyo University

A Former employee, but a multi-millionaire with his Information Business.

Lloyd Labso of digital Start-up Toolkit

A medical doctor by profession but continuously growing his online business as part of helping onlinepreneurs. Started small, but now an FB AD expert.

               Violeta Depalog Isavenvestify

An OFW Teacher in China, but now a Educating Filipinos  To start Stock Market Investing 

Francis Clavano of Online Grocery Business

An engineer by profession, and has a life away from a Boss, and started his Online Grocery. 

They are not teachers yet they are teaching, they are educating people, If they can, why can't we that we already have the advantage of being a teacher.

what we just need is discover the skills and talent that we can teach to people outside of our classroom.Taking advantage of the technology now.

What They Say?

"Teachers can do something more beyond the four corners of the classroom.Thank you po Mam...I'm learning everyday.

- Lalaine Baranta (Teacher from Quezon)

"Thank you sa mga super inspiring messages and practical answers to my
questions Ma'am Miriam. Sana marami pa ang mainspire nyo. God bless you po.

-Rezi Pescardo(Teacher- Cagyan De Oro City)

"andaming learnings mam.. so excited to start.

- Joshua Porca(Teacher-Junior High School)

I’m serious when I say I want you to be in this business.

This will create a community of Teacherpreneurs in the Philippines.

This will even open the mind of teachers on how to make a REAL LIFE business to be taught to our students.

The techniques, step-by-step guide will give you an idea on how to apply this in your day to day teaching.

This is also an opportunity for you to LEARN ahead and bring UP others in this kind of working busine

What You’ll Get...

 Access to A 6- Weeks Live Masterclass ( Value 47, 970)

Three (3 ) Follow-Up Coaching Session ( 23,995 Value)

Lifetime Access to the Audio and Video Trainings.( 23,995 Value)

You'll get a downloadable copy of each lessons so that you can download to your computer or mobile device. ( 23,995 Value)

I'll give you copies of my [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK] templates, checklists, and documents that I used to start and build my own Information business.( 2,000 Value)

 All you have to do is copy and paste these documents and use it to your business. No time wasting.

Discount To Digital Start-Up Toolkit ( 2000.00 Value)

Special Webinars To Grow Your Business With Other Experts (23,995 Value)

Bonus: Facebook  Community Group and Chat ( Priceless)

Get Instant  Access To This Online Education Masterclass NOW !

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout

I believe this will totally change your mindset being a new breed of teacherpreneur 

If You Want to change and LEAP forward with your teaching career
Let's work together to

Now, think about these 

Decline this program - which means you want to stay where  you are now and do nothing and tomorrow you will have the same result.

Learn it Yourself. which means you will do so many trial and errors and waste more time.Remember that having someone to guide you will make your work easier and faster.

Enroll Now.  which means you’ll learn right away how you can build an internet business that is connected with your passion and skill being a teacher. You’ll also know how to do your market research so that you will know who are the people you will serve; You’ll also learn what’s the process of creating your first information product, and finally, how to market it right.



You'll get a downloadable copy of each lessons so that you can download to your computer or mobile device.


Have Instant Access To My Exclusive Interview From Other Successful Internet Infopreneurs 

Get Instant  Access To Teachers Online Education Business Masterclass NOW !

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

"I really want your satisfaction but if after the first training session that you feel this is not for you just simply email me at support@teacherpreneurphils.com   No Questions Asked.."


Miriam S. Jumalon

Your Success Teacher


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What if it will not work for me?

I don't have any background in business?

I dont, want to sell .

Is this connected to Deped?

Am not a writer.

I am a full time teacher.

Is this training for CPD? 

How is the training Structured?