June 5, 2021


Open Life To Opportunities


Are opportunities coming our way every day? Definitely not. This is the reason why we should expose ourselves in the spot light. We should open ourselves to new opportunities, especially the kinds of opportunities that don’t seem exactly like what we’ve been wishing for. This only means you are heading to something with greater sense of meaning and excitement. Sometimes, the smallest shift can lead to the biggest knock out. You have to keep steady with your decision, and make a leap. It takes a lot of courage and optimism to do this. Here are simple ways you can do to open yourself in opportunities:

  • Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself will definitely give you lots of opportunities. It’s like having a healthy competition with your own person. I also practice this everyday by taking records of accomplished tasks. It really helps especially when you know you have beaten your past records from the other day. It will motivate you and keep your drive going.

  • Have a vision

Having a clear vision can envision wonderful and creative things in my head; and that I have a vision as well in fulfilling them. Also, you must keep in mind that every hero in the hall of fame started with just a single vision that came true to life.

  • Look for opportunities

“If opportunity doesn’t knock on your door, build a door”, this is one of my favorite quotes. It’s because in reality, not everybody will notice you. You might even be as good as someone who is getting just an average salary in their work. What you need to do is to look for opportunities; always find time to seek for something you can learn.

  • Be positive

You will never going to be opened to opportunities when you feel pessimism. You have to be positive all the time. Like what they say in the Law of Attraction, everything you feel will attract more to you. Practice feeling optimist every day, and you’ll see, things will be different and better!

  • Forgive

Many people don’t succeed in life because they are not capable of forgiving people from the past. You have to know that you need to stop living from the past. It’s holding you back, and it’s holding you from the great things you should feel. Forgive those people who you have a grudge with, and start living happily and peacefully. Learn to let go and move on, because if anyone in this world deserves a happy life – it’s you!

  • Learn New skill

Learning new skills will certainly open yourself from many different opportunities, for example, at work; you will be given a chance to work into a different place or location. Also, learning new skills will help you discover yourself more.

  • Do Things You Love


Doing the things you love most will open your mind and rejuvenate your soul. You will be able to do the things you love without pressure or false intentions. It will absolutely connect you to the world. Try asking yourself what are the things you’ve been dying to do? What are the things you’ve never thought you’d do? Open your mind.

  • Find a mentor

Everything you need to know will be taught by your mentor. Your mentor doesn’t need to be a professional or a notable people. You can find yourself by the people who surround you. All you need to have is someone with deep knowledge about things. It will help you understand more.

These are just some of the steps I followed to be able to open myself up to greater opportunities. You can also fulfill these things! Don’t hesitate to follow your dreams because this is the most certain joy you will feel in this life. I want to tell that life has so many ups and downs – but you will never know what, when or where you are going to experience a good momentum. Always seek for incredible adventures. Do not be afraid!


To Your Success

Mam Miriam

About the Author

Dr. Miriam Jumalon

Dr. Miram Segudo-Jumalon is a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. Served the private educational System for more than 2 decades but opted to avail of an early retirement and decided to enter in the public school to know the real world of the educational system in Philippine Settings.
At the same time discover and venture the online business industry from being a full-time teacher to a Teacherpreneur in the Philippines. Her new journey of sharing new opportunities on E-Learning  as the best avenue to be Innovative and Creative teacher in today's world of technology.

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